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New Day

By in film, light work

We felt our aperture icon had become tired and very commonplace amongst anyone working in film, photography and moving image over the last few years.  As our logo is 10 years old this year, it was about time to update and refresh our identity.

Our criteria for the new logo was primarily to represent our perspective on film making  - our viewfinder, from which we see the brief and translate it to the screen. Further to this would be to convey our preference for working in a natural light and to capture things in a natural and organic way. This is how the stark and simple “big D” was born.

The letterhead and comp slips are printed on Colorplan Real Grey paper. The cards have been foil stamped by It was printed by letterpressandbeyond.co.uk in Matte Silver and Gold Shimless Rainbow to face and Gloss Silver to reverse, on Colorplan Duplex Real Grey / White Frost 270gsm.

1_wide 2_abletterhead 2_dvd_lens 2b_rainbowbigd2
3_pens 4_cards_n_envelope 5_card_pens 6bluecard_cu 2csmallcheck_header7_grey_white_gold_combo 9golden_grey6 daylight_cu_grey dgrey_grey_combo_2up



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