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After a month picking up dozens of media cards full of footage of Bboys dancing we decided that it was time we got some interviews done and finish off this bboy film. The two protagonists Ben wanted to drive the film were Justin “Just Roc” Lie and co-founer of the charity David ‘Footloose’ Russell. Both interviews were directed straight to camera for more engagement with the audience
Once their interviews were down, the big first pass of the edit could start. Ben narrowed down the hours of content he had into a workable 5 minute edit.

In terms of music for the film we had already established a good relationship with a Berlin  music label called Project: Mooncircle who have had their work featured on Boiler Room TV and BBC radio 6. We opted to go with one of their artists called 40 Winks and used a track called Flight of Ideas. This had a perfect hip hop instrumental track that fitted the mood perfectly for the first half of the film. The second track we went for was Fat Freddy’s Drop ‘Hope’. This jazz/soul seven piece band provided a very sombre and emotive song for the second half. We were so grateful that both artist supported our film and gave us rights to use their music.
You can see the finished film here on our sister company (Nightlight) vimeo page…

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